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Useful herbs for panic, fear and tension

One of the most important herbs that are useful in cases of masculinity, fear and stress, valerian (valerian), where valerian roots are used in the treatment of stressful situations that can lead to panic attacks and have also shown their effectiveness in helping people to overcome situations that contain significant psychological stress, and it is advised Using them for short periods only, and it is preferable to consult a doctor before starting using them, as there are some side effects from their use which are dizziness, headache, stomach upset and fatigue.
And the kava plant (Piper), as all products prepared from the roots of the kava plant, whether tablets, capsules, extracts or drinks, have an effective role in the treatment of stress in the regions of Europe, but care must be taken to use them and consult a specialist doctor, Because this plant has dangerous side effects, it can help damage the liver or its failure, and the use of this plant is also associated with severe muscle spasms.

There is a passionflower based on studies conducted at the University of Maryland, which shows that the passion flower has a great impact in dealing with cases of anxiety, and whether the flower itself or its leaves or roots, all have the same effectiveness, but it is worth noting that the side effects of this recipe have not been studied As required, therefore it is cautioned not to use it before consulting a doctor, nor should it be used if one is taking anticoagulant therapy or sedatives.

There is also a herb hawthorn and ishultisia, where studies have shown that "work is a mixture of hawthorn and ishultisia plant, and magnesium is added to it, and it can help get rid of cases of simple and medium anxiety, and it was also shown that there are no side effects from the use of this The mixture deserves to be mentioned, "but it is preferable to consult a doctor before using it to avoid conflicts with these prescriptions with some of the treatments used.

There is also the hops herb, which uses this plant as a tranquilizer for nerves, and for treating insomnia, and also helps to get rid of the anxiety and insomnia that accompanies fear. , And also lemon balm, and lemon balm is used in the treatment of psychological pressure and tension that accompanies fear, and is also used to help sleep. But a little bit of lemon balm must be consumed, because excessive consumption of it can lead to adverse results.