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Signs of a menstrual period

There are many symptoms that affect women before the menstrual cycle occurs, the most important of which is the occurrence of some disturbances during sleep, such as the inability to sleep well and deeply, due to the occurrence of a low level of the hormone estrogen, and signs of feeling angry, and discomfort from the least actions carried out by Surrounded by feelings, and negative thoughts hold them. Feeling headache.
Another sign is the constant desire to cry, for trivial reasons and not worthy of strong reactions. The appetite for eating foods that make you happy, such as chocolate, sugars, the appearance of some pills, and boils on the face, which quickly disappear during or after the session, and the increased sensitivity from other people's comments and talk about matters that concern you and specialize.

Also signs of discomfort when removing excess hair through feeling severe pain, and it is advised to remove excess hair immediately after the end of the menstrual cycle, and the desire to eat a large amount, and sudden, or lack of desire to eat, and contented with a little, and it also causes fatigue, loss Energy quickly, and after a little effort, plus fatigue.

It causes flatulence significantly, which leads to her feeling uncomfortable while wearing her clothes, and the desire to wear loose clothes until she hides it, as well as his signs of needing romance, which may lead her to watch movies, romantic songs, and the feeling of being uncomfortable in the surrounding climate where the degree of change Suddenly her body temperature, pain in the breast area, as well as an increase in its size.

Other signs include the appearance of some pimples on the face, painful congestion, and soreness in the breasts, as a result of changing hormones in the body, which causes fluid to accumulate in the breasts, feeling pain in the lower back, and feeling nauseous suddenly, but for a short time Only, feeling severe pain in the skin when removing excess hair from the body.