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Learn the health benefits of malt drink

One of the most important benefits that malt drink contains is that it contains vitamins and minerals, as it provides many health benefits to the human body, and from these benefits we will clarify it through the article, which helps to provide nutritional fibers that are important to the health of the body, where barley is a recyclable fiber Soluble, as they dissolve in water and supply the body with energy, and dietary fiber is considered important to maintain the health of the digestive system, as it reduces the risk of constipation by promoting bowel movement.
Barley also has an effective role in reducing the risk of cancer: barley is characterized by containing ferulic acid that can prevent tumors from growing, and the fibers in the barley can rid the colon of toxins that are not removed during digestion, and one study has found The antioxidants found in barley can stop the multiplication of the cancer cells in the colon.

In addition to that it helps to reduce blood sugar levels, as the intestine contains beneficial bacteria called Prevotilla which have been observed to help reduce blood sugar levels for up to 11-14 hours, which may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and also help Diabetics regulate their sugar levels, and studies have indicated that foods containing barley can increase the numbers of these bacteria in the intestine.

In addition to that it contributes to helping to lose weight, as eating barley helps to secrete some types of hormones that help stimulate metabolic processes, as it regulates appetite, and helps you feel full for longer periods, so it can help the body lose weight.

In addition to that it helps to reduce cholesterol levels, as experts pointed out that eating barley or drinking it could be part of a diet to reduce the levels of total cholesterol and bad cholesterol, but this effect can vary from one person to another, according to the health of the person, the amount and quality of barley In addition, it helps to regulate the levels of bacteria in the intestine, as there are some studies that note that the consumption of barley reduces the levels of bacterial bacteria in the intestine, which can cause infection in the central nervous system, abdomen, heart, bones, and joints.