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Know tips about caring for the bride herself before the wedding

There are some tips for the bride to take care of herself, and from these tips that we will provide you through our article, the bride must take care of the skin, as the bride must take care of her skin in order to become bright, glowing and shining on the wedding day, by starting caring for it six months before its date, This is through visiting a dermatologist to learn about the type of skin, choosing the appropriate special treatment for it accordingly, and choosing the appropriate makeup plan, and the skin can be taken care of daily by cleaning the face with a suitable wash, and using a make-up remover when removed, and moisturizing the body with a suitable moisturizer after Thamam.
It is also possible to get rid of the body’s hair for the bride, where many experts advise the brides to clean the body’s hair some time before the wedding date. For example, the eyebrows must be cleaned a week before the wedding date, and care must also be taken in the event that the body’s hair is removed with wax to be three days before Less than the date of the wedding ceremony, and much earlier, in the event that this method has not been previously used in hair removal, or if the skin is sensitive, in addition to that the facial hair must be removed if it is removed with wax before a period ranging from a week to ten days to avoid redness and irritation.

The bride can also take care of the lips, as the care of the lips is through the bride drinking a lot of fluids, especially water, in order to avoid dryness of the body, and the loss of moisture that causes its dryness. Wedding day, and replace it with soft colors that match the makeup and white wedding clothes.

The bride must take care of the hair, as the bride can choose the final month’s story three weeks before the wedding date, and she can spread it in chemical ways, or make it wrapped as desired, in addition to the need to dye it to get a final color for it two weeks before its date, where the color will appear It is better after this period is settled according to the hairdresser Teddy Cranford, and the hair can be cared for as well before the wedding by applying multiple treatments, including hot oil massage, and fumigation.

The bride is also advised to whiten the teeth, as the bride should strive to obtain a perfect and perfect smile on the wedding day, and this can be achieved by naturally whitening the teeth by eating raw vegetables, such as carrots, and celery that removes surface stains on the teeth, or cleaning the teeth by using strawberries and lemons Then wash them with cold water, and refrain from drinking coffee and soft drinks in the weeks leading up to the wedding day.