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There are many tips that help to obtain clear and supple skin, and one of the most important of these tips is to eat a healthy, balanced food, so that it contains fresh fruits, juices, and leafy vegetables because that plays a vital role in obtaining clear skin, and it is advised to remove Makeup before going to sleep, because the skin is regenerated, and damaged by repairing it during sleep, and make-up keeps the pores blocked, it cracks the skin, and deprives the skin of the opportunity to renew. Cleaning makeup brushes constantly, because they are considered a moist environment suitable for bacteria growth, so it is necessary to wash the most used brushes, which remain wet, once a week, and the less used, which remain dry, it must be washed once every 3-4 weeks.

In addition, it is recommended to drink a lot of water, as the water expels harmful toxins from the body, and it keeps the skin moist and supple, and it is advised to sleep sufficiently, as sleep provides the body with energy; therefore, it is necessary to get 8 hours of sleep every day. , It is also advised to practice sports, as exercising improves metabolism, makes the body healthy, and thus becomes healthy, supple, and also helps in eliminating pressure and tension, which affects the purity of the skin.

It is also advised to make sure to cover your face with sunscreen that fits your skin in the summer and winter, before leaving the house, and it is preferable to use a sunscreen to protect it over fifty, and it is advised to wash your face in the morning with cold or lukewarm water, avoid hot water, and you should use the lotion in the morning In order not to deprive your skin of the substances it secreted at night, these substances are useful in rejuvenating your skin.

General hygiene must be maintained, which is washing the skin daily, wearing clean clothes, maintaining clean bed linen and pillows, and maintaining cleanliness of the skin to prevent skin infections and washing and caring for the face by mixing lemon juice and rose water in equal quantities, and putting the mixture on the face for 25- 30 minutes, leave it to dry, and repeat this process every night, as this mixture treats acne.