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Learn about the dangers of electrical current

The electric current causes some dangers, including these dangers, which we will explain. The electric current causes body burns, as high-voltage electric shocks ranging from 500-1000 volts lead to serious physical burns, and the risk of burns is commensurate with the duration and voltage that it has been exposed to. Body, and exposure to a shock of 16 volts of electricity can also be fatal if it passes through the heart.
It may also cause death, in the event of any electric shock or uncontrollable electrical contact, as well as causing harm to users, as it may cause them to have disabilities, or burns of various minor and severe degrees, as this damage may reach the eye, Which leads to darkness, or infection, as it can affect the nervous system of a person, and thus limit his ability to move, and self-control.

Among the dangers that ventricular fibrillation causes in the heart, as the passage of electrical current for a split second through the chest can lead to the occurrence of so-called ventricular fibrillation, and fibrillation is usually fatal because all the cells of the heart muscle move independently, and the current that exceeds 200 milliliters can lead Amps to stop the heart muscles from moving because of very strong contractions in the heart muscles.

In addition to the fact that the electric current causes explosions or fires, as the accumulation of electric charges on the surface of the earth leads to the generation of so-called static electricity, and the danger of static electricity lies in the presence of fluids or flammable gases, where its ignition can lead to explosions and fire. That threatens people and buildings.

One of the dangers of the electric current is that it represents the electric current as a dangerous source for the person and his property in the event that it is handled in the wrong way, and the dangers caused by the wrong exposure to the electric current in tons and the occurrence of electric shocks that lead to death, as well as causing injuries resulting from falling from the stairs or work platforms High places when exposed to electric shock, and causes electric shock to people in workplaces that contain damaged or poorly installed devices.

In addition to that it works to increase the possibility of explosions, in the event of poor conduction or incorrect use of electrical appliances, and also increases obesity, because it limits human activity as a result of its heavy dependence on it.