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Know with us the most important reasons for yawning a lot

There are some factors that may cause frequent yawning and cause sleep problems, because fatigue and physical stress are among the most common causes that cause yawning, because people who have problems getting enough sleep, yawn more than usual, and it should be noted that if People have been experiencing persistent problems related to feeling sleepy and tired during the day, as they have to go to the doctor for advice, in fact it is difficult for the patient to realize that he has sleep problems.
Among the causes of frequent yawning, anxiety is one of the common factors that cause yawning, because anxiety affects the heart, and also affects the respiratory system and energy levels in the body, and this all causes difficulty breathing, in addition to yawning causes tension and a feeling of tension, it should be noted that If a person suffers from a lot of anxiety, he may find himself yawning more than others, and yawning may increase when he feels more anxious, but the umbrella may also occur without any obvious causative factor.

Depression is one of the reasons that cause yawning or worsening. Depression leads to yawning either through the side effects of antidepressants, or because of the fatigue that accompanies depression, so a person with depression is advised to see a doctor to discuss this when he notices it. Increased yawning, as the doctor can adjust the dose of the medication, or check any other causes.

Among the causes are also problems with the heart, as large yawning may be related to the vagus nerve, which extends from the bottom of the brain to the heart and stomach, and therefore large yawning may sometimes indicate bleeding around the heart region, or it may sometimes indicate To a heart attack, other symptoms that may indicate heart problems are chest pain, shortness of breath, feeling of upper body pain, nausea, and lightheadedness, as it is necessary to seek medical attention immediately when these symptoms occur.

Another reason is stroke, because people who develop a stroke may yawn excessively, and doctors attribute the reason for this to the fact that yawning may help to regulate and reduce the temperature of the brain and body after a stroke, and some research indicates that "the yawning process is related to stopping the brain"

Epilepsy is also one of the reasons why excessive yawning may occur in people with epilepsy, before, during or after epileptic seizures, or that excess yawning may result from fatigue and stress that epilepsy may cause, and also cause problems in controlling body temperature. They are rare causes of yawning, as well as obesity, because being overweight is somewhat synonymous with breathing problems, and obesity may thus cause the yawning problem.
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