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How to protect Facebook from being hacked, find out the best way

To protect Facebook from being hacked, you can follow some of the following methods: To protect Aves, you must choose a strong password, since a strong password is one of the best and best mechanisms for protecting your Facebook account, so you must ensure that the password is long, that is, from 12 Up to 14 or more characters, which is a mixture of random characters, does not contain personal information, and most importantly, the same password should not be used in any other online account; instead, the person should use a different password for each different account , It's best to change your password once every six months, whether on Facebook or other accounts.

In addition, you should check your privacy settings, as Facebook is constantly evolving. As a result, the privacy settings options may also change. For this purpose, the person should check the privacy settings at least once a month, and take advantage of updates, including the ability to choose the option "Show friends only". ”, Or choose to“ restrict ”some people from viewing specific posts.

It is also advisable to refrain from sharing details, as it is preferable that no person share all details of their life on a Facebook account, as there are things that they should avoid sharing, such as their full birthday and location. Marital or emotional state.

You should avoid entering the password on any device. A person prefers entering the password only on trusted devices. If he uses a computer that he does not know or trust, he should avoid entering his password for anything that requires it, because hackers usually use devices, keystrokes are recorded on computer systems, so everything that a person writes, including words The password, and if he has to type the password on an untrusted computer, he must change the password as soon as possible